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Lisanne Bos - de Zeeuw

Business Development Manager Lepaya

I love to be in an environment where I can feel free to color the world a bit brighter. My interest for new technologies and lifelong learning have driven me for the past years. After almost 7 years as an Modern Workplace Specialist in the Specialist Teams Unit and in several jobs in the Education team at Microsoft I am leveraging my energy to help employees develop in their workplace at Lepaya. I’m eager to see how we can collaboratively develop into our best possible.

Laura van Rij

Program Manager Lepaya

My purpose is to empower people in their work and personal life by providing them a toolbox full of skills. I have a background in corporate innovation and organizational change at FedEx, ING and Allianz where I worked as a consultant, team coach, facilitator and project manager. I then changed course to work more directly in training and development. I am currently working for Lepaya as program manager and facilitator for the Modern Marketing Academy.


Area of InterestCross Solution
Solution AreaCross Solution