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Welcome to the Social Selling Masterclass webinar, organized by MS WE & Tricycle Europe.

During this webinar, specifically tailored towards your needs, you will meet your dedicated coach Eric Haar, who will guide you through the What, Why and How of Social Selling and offer you an overview of available tools & techniques to boost communication with your customers on the online space.

During the following hour you will learn about:

  • What Social Selling is and why it will change the way you practice sales
  • What your first steps are to becoming an excellent Social Seller
  • All the tools that will support you to be more social and efficient at your job
  • Professional branding and online business card
  • Interactive tools & techniques Looking forward to having you there!


Eric Haar

Senior Social Selling Coach Tricycle Europe

LinkedIn Profile
Combining years of sales and broadcast media experience, I have the pleasure of bringing this perspective to my role as a modern selling coach for Tricycle-Europe. Moving from the U.S. to the Netherlands three years ago, I found the perfect role, which enables me to leverage my wide-ranging sales experience and apply it within tailored coaching programs, helping sales and marketing professionals understand the power of a branded, social media presence in adapting to the modern buyer’s sales journey. I specialize in high energy sessions that bring immediate value.